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Marathon de Paris 2019

It's not just about running beside world-famous monuments—music, cheese, and wine tasting wait en route too

Marathon de Paris in Paris 2019 - Best Time
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Who wouldn't be glad to run a marathon overlooked by fabulous monuments from the Triumphal Arch, down through Champs Elysées, the Parisian woods, by the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Place de la Bastille, and of course the Seine River? The willing are so numerous that the organisers set a limit on the number of entrants—40,000, and registration usually happens around half a year before the actual marathon day.

Marathon de Paris in Paris - Best Season 2019

If you aren't too into sports, don't hesitate and join the cheering crowd of 250,000 onlookers, who also benefit from music, red wine, and cheese tasting. The Paris International Marathon takes place annually in early April, mainly on the first Sunday of the month. The tradition emerged back in 1977.

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