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Marathon du Médoc 2024 in France

A fun race combining wine, sports, delecious food and health

Dates: September 7, 2024

Marathon du Médoc
Marathon du Médoc
Marathon du Médoc
Marathon du Médoc
Marathon du Médoc

The Marathon du Médoc is a French marathon race that is held every year in September through the vineyards in the Gironde. It is often called "the longest Marathon in the world" because the idea of the race is not to finish first but to have the most fun. It is interspersed with many activities: musical breaks with 50 orchestras located around the course, wine and oysters, and stakes tastings. The Marathon du Médoc attracts around 10,000 participants from more than 50 countries.

Marathon du Medoc Route & Schedule

The scenic 42-km course lies through iconic vineyards and historical landmarks. The participants set off at 9:30 am in the city of Pauillac, at the intersection of Rue de Edouard de Pontet and Quai Jean Fleuret. The route passes by several gorgeous vineyards, such as Chateaux of Pauillac, Saint-Julien, Saint-Estèphe, Médoc, and Haut-Médoc. The runners circle back near Saint-Julien-Beychevelle and return to Paulliac, with the starting line doubling as the finish line. Marathon prizes are given out at 4 pm on the docks.

Race Customs

The majority of marathon runners run in costumes, with many participants choosing to spruce up the race with humorous attire. This year's theme is "Faites vos Jeux !" which translates to "Place your bets!", a phrase used in gambling. All along the route, you'll stumble upon dozens of tasting and sampling spots offering some of the best French culinary delights. Not to mention pleasant music and other entertainment which accompanies the event. No wonder many finishers hardly manage to complete Marathon du Medoc in 6.5 hours.

Food & Wine

An average runner is expected to indulge in 23 glasses of the famed wine while also trying all delicious local specialties: foie gras, cheese, and ice cream. Food and wine stops are quite often filled with biscuits, oysters, waffles, fruit, sweets, bread, and crackers. Everything is so delicious that it's impossible to resist. Overall, the route boasts about 55 tasting and entertainment stops.

Race Entertainment

After completing the marathon, celebrate the accomplishment by dancing the night away at the dance party at 9 pm, which is followed by the spectacular fireworks show at 10:30 pm. Local eateries will be welcoming new visitors, while the Maison du Vin, the tourist information centre, will be offering its own catering options until midnight. The festivities officially dwindle down by 1 pm.

Pre- and Post- Marathon Entertainment

On the days preceding and following the race, on September 6th and 8th, the city center and the pier of Paulliac is bursting with activities. On September 6th, the runners have a chance to pick up their bib numbers from 10 am until 11 pm at the COSEC de Pauillac. An exclusive pasta party will take place at 7 pm at the abbey of Vertheuil, hosting 1450 guests. The day after the race, exhausted participants are invited to go on a recovery walk and indulge in numerous delicacies offered by local vendors.

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