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Sep01 - Sep11:SEPTEMBER 01 - SEPTEMBER 11:


Paprika Harvest

September–October • food

Add some spicy "red gold" to your visit in Hungary

Cruising the Danube

March–October • activity

A romantic way to see the greatest sights of Budapest

Országos Kéktúra

August–September • activity

Challenge your feet and walk the oldest long distance path in Europe—the National Blue Trail

Honey Relishing

September • food

Hungarian producers offer quite a variety of honey

Lavender Fields and Butterfly Valley

June–August • nature

Blooming lavender and dancing butterflies is a perfect combination for a romantic and magical trip

Hiking in Budapest

May–September • activity

Some light hiking within the city limits is a great activity between tasting Hungarian cuisine

Aggtelek Caves

April–October • activity

Get acquainted with the underground world of Hungary and see huge stalactites above your head


September–May • food

Hungarians say "Pálinka in small amounts is a medicine, in large amounts a remedy"


April–October • activity

A green gem of Budapest in the middle of the mighty Danube

Hortobágy National Park

March–November • nature

Hortobágy is the most traditional Hungarian landscape with its endless plains and archetypal houses

Kelenföld Power Station Visit

All year • activity

The collision of Art Deco architecture and abandoned technology under one roof

Flea Markets

All year • activity

Punk fashion, vintage watches, and 18th-century​ cups are waiting for their new owners

Ruin Pubs

All year • activity

Most ruins across the world are about age, but ruins in Budapest are about pubs



not in rangeFebruary 08–13, 2018 • event

500-year-old​ traditions with bonfires and parades of fearsome monsters unfold on the bank of the Danube making one of the strangest and most unforgettable events in Hungary

Sziget Festival

not in range • event

The island of freedom is where almost half-a-million people from around a hundred countries meet

Húsvéti Locsolkodás or Wet Monday

not in rangeApril 02, 2018 • event

'I was walking in a green forest, I saw a blue violet, it had started to wilt, may I sprinkle it?' – this is what the men ask the women on this holiday before sprinkling them with water

Széchenyi Thermal Bath—Winter Warm-up

not in rangeNovember–March • activity

Chilly winter days are perfect for a swim in an outdoor bath in Budapest

Festival of Folk Arts

not in rangeAugust 18–21, 2017 • event

Challenge yourself in blacksmithing, woodcarving, or feltmaking!

The Red Bull Air Race

not in range • event

When getting too tired from walking around the city, take a seat on the bank of Danube and support your favourite air racer

Budapest Timewheel or Időkerék

not in rangeDecember 31 • event

Time is a flow of glass particles in a Budapest park through the choke of a giant Timewheel

Christmas Markets

not in rangemid-November–early January • activity

Open an Advent calendar's window and welcome Christmas with Hungarians

CAFe Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival

not in rangeOctober 06–22, 2017 • event

Feel the spirit of Contemporary Art on the streets of ancient Budapest

Hungarian F1 Grand Prix

not in rangeJuly 26–29, 2018 • event

Hungaroring, a tough and spectacular narrow circuit near Budapest, is loved by drivers and viewers

Mangalica Festival

not in rangeFebruary 10–12, 2018 • event

Hungarian pigs are fed only with pasture plants, potatoes, and pumpkins in order to enhance the flavour of their meat

Blooming of the Tisza

not in rangeMay–early June • nature

Millions of mayflies emerge from the river, creating a spectacular fog. Don't miss this incredible nature phenomenon, which lasts for three-four days only

Christmas Bejgli

not in rangeDecember 24–December 25 • food

Poppy-seeds and walnuts are baked into specialty pastries for Christmas Eve

City Park Ice Rink

not in rangelate November–February • activity

Sliding, gliding, skating, and skiing in front of a Neo-Baroque castle

Flora of Sas-hegy

not in rangeApril–May • nature

Meet the gentle flora of the Ice Age on top of one of the Buda's hills

Mézeskalács or Honey Biscuits

not in rangeDecember 24–December 25 | February 14 • food

Sweet honey delicacies for a sweet Hungarian Christmas or St. Valentine's Day

Hortobágy Birdwatching

not in rangeOctober–November • nature

Dress warm and prepare your camera for impressive pictures of gorgeous wild birds

Easter Food

not in rangeApril 01, 2018 • food

Sweet bread with salty ham and spicy dressing can be very extravagant for many, but not for Hungarians

Kürtőskalács or Sekler Cake

not in rangeOctober 06–08, 2017 (TBC) • food

You can't say you have been to Hungary, if you haven't tried this pastry

Michael Jackson Memorial Tree

not in rangeAugust 29 • event

Celebrate Michael Jackson's birthday near his memorial tree