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Országos Kéktúra in Hungary

Challenge your feet and walk the oldest long distance path in Europe—the National Blue Trail

Országos Kéktúra
Országos Kéktúra
Országos Kéktúra
Országos Kéktúra
Országos Kéktúra
Országos Kéktúra

The Országos Kéktúra Magyarország (OKT) or National Blue Trail starts from the Austrian border on the peak of Írottkő Mountain, crosses Hungary, and ends near the Slovakian border in Hollóháza village. If you like hiking, undoubtedly you must try the OKT.

The name of the trail derives from its marking—a blue horizontal stripe between two white stripes. It is 1,128.2 km long, and it passes through both beautiful natural and man-made sights of Hungary—the Stalactite Cave of Aggtelek, dormant volcanoes, the old village of Ho​llók​ő, etc. Moreover, the Blue Trail passes through Budapest, so you may plan some activities or just relax in the capital. In total, there are 147 checkpoints with unique stamps on trees or metal boxes to guide hikers.

In case you don't want to conquer the whole path, there are shorter routes and even a trail for children that is 300 km long. The end of August and September is the best time for hiking in Hungary due the temperate weather.

Practical info

What is Országos Kéktúra and its route?

The National Blue Trail, also called Országos Kéktúra, is the oldest long-distance path in Europe, running through Hungary from the Austrian to the Slovakian border. It covers a distance of 1,128.2km and is marked by blue horizontal stripes between two white stripes. Along the way, hikers can admire natural wonders like the Stalactite Cave of Aggtelek and man-made sights, including the old village of Hollókő, as well as other captivating landscapes. Show more

What are some natural and man-made sights along the National Blue Trail?

Nature lovers will adore the National Blue Trail and its many picturesque areas, such as old volcanic mountains, hilltops, and lakes, along with bustling cities and quaint countryside villages. The trail's famous sights comprise of the Stalactite Cave of Aggtelek, the old town of Hollókő, rolling hills, and many more locations. Budapest offers miles of beautiful trails, including Margaret Island and famous landmarks like Buda Castle, the Parliament Building, and Fisherman's Bastion, all of which visitors can witness while passing through the city. Show more

Where does the National Blue Trail pass through Budapest?

National Blue Trail is known for capturing vivid cityscapes and passing through Budapest's most iconic landmarks, including Margaret Island, Buda Castle, Parliament Buildings, and Fisherman's Bastion. Along the way, hikers can visit exciting cultural spots, take beautiful photographs, or relax and unwind as they immerse themselves in the city's captivating scenery. Show more

When is the best time of year to hike Országos Kéktúra?

Although it is possible to hike Országos Kéktúra all year round, the best time for a visit is from the end of August through September when the weather is comfortable enough to enjoy the sightseeing without interruption. Following a successful visit requires proper mapping, weather-checking, and adequate gear, including waterproof coats and hiking boots to prepare for eventualities like sudden downpour or unexpected weather changes. Show more

Are there any shorter or alternative routes for hiking Országos Kéktúra?

Hikers visiting Országos Kéktúra have multiple options for exploration, from the lengthy 1,128.2km main trail to the 300km-long kid trail. Moreover, there are several other alternatives to the main trail awaiting eager hikers, with each trail offering a unique experience, depending on personal preferences and available time, ranging from single-day hikes to a week-long traverse through magnificent landscapes. Show more

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