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Busójárás 2024

The 500-year-old​ traditions with bonfires and parades of fearsome monsters unfold on the bank of the Danube making one of the strangest and most unforgettable events in Hungary

Dates: February 8-13, 2024


Many traditions and rituals are common in most parts of the country, while some are so unique that you have to visit a specific village at a specific time. Such a tradition does exist in Hungary, and it is called Busójárás. It is adhered to in the small town of Mohács during the last week before the Lent starts. Some argue that Busójárás takes its roots from the 16th century when villagers tried to drive away the Turkish army using scary masks and costumes, but today it is more about scaring winter and welcoming spring.

The celebration lasts for about a week and finishes with a huge bonfire, where a man-made of straw is burned. During the festivities, villagers dress up as fearsome monsters—Busós—and wander the streets making noise with cowbells and wooden noisemakers. Their assistants, dressed children,—Janke—follow Busós everywhere. Busójárás is the period of dance, music, spiced wine, and no rules. So, you have almost no chance to stay a passive spectator, you have to participate!

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