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Feria de las Alasitas 2024

Do you believe in miracles? Many locals testify that Ekkekko makes small trinkets big

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Alasitas is often referred to as the festival of miniatures, as the capital city of La Paz turns into a large market of small things that may become big if you know who to ask. Locals come and buy anything from tiny mobile phones, laptops, cars, and houses, to non-material things like love in the form of a male or female doll, or even matrimony in a form of a marriage certificate. The Andean god of abundance and prosperity called Ekkekko is expected to make their dreams come true and turn bought miniatures into reality. Many bring their diminished dreams to the statues of Ekkekko they store at home, light a cigarette for he is known as a great smoker, dedicate a few prayers, and then wait for the miraculous gifts which will come within the next year. Locals claim if you really believe in miracles, you will get what you want, and many testify it truly works. Even if you do not believe in this, you may always purchase a few ​cute toys for your kids to play with. Nearly a thousa​nd of handcraft vendors can be found in the streets of La Paz during the entire month of Alasitas market, which is either January or February, whereas in Santa Cruz Alasitas is held in September.

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