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Gold Panning in Alaska

Alaskan lands remember the times of the great Gold Rush. Moreover, there is still a chance to get some gold! Are you ready to face this challenge?

Best time: May–September

Gold Panning
Gold Panning
Gold Panning

Although the times of the Klondike Gold Rush are in the past now, people from all around the world still come to Alaska for adventures. ​Some of them are ready to do whatever it takes for some of this yellow metal. You might catch the gold fever too! You can take a special tour with an experienced instructor or try your luck alone. In the first case, you will have the support of a guide, some valuable tips, equipment, and a team of people who will pan with you. But if you prefer to spend a day alone in the beautiful Alaskan mountains, choose the second option. For sure, it is harder to prepare, but some people might enjoy the challenge and solitude. The luckiest time is from May to September; it is the so-called “gold season.” Additionally, your success depends on weather conditions because you'll need to spend t​he whole day standing in a cold river. Some good places to start gold panning are the areas around Fairbanks, Juneau, Nome, Chicken, and McCarthy.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Alaska for gold panning?

From May to September is the 'gold season,' and the best time to visit Alaska for gold panning. It is necessary to stand for the whole day in a cold river while panning, and weather conditions can affect your success. It is most suitable to plan a trip during summer months for better success. Temperature during these months is warmer and more stable providing a better experience. Show more

Where are the best places to go for gold panning in Alaska?

In Alaska, Fairbanks, Juneau, Nome, Chicken, and McCarthy are some of the presently valuable gold mining areas. These places have rich gold mining history, and one can go for gold panning with local guides or tour groups for their safety. Gold Panning in these areas can offer a promising experience. Show more

Can you find gold in Alaska without any experience?

Finding gold in Alaska without experience is possible, but it is always recommended to join a tour group or obtain necessary training beforehand. You must have the requisite gear such as a shovel, gold pan, and classifier for gold panning. Several uncontrollable factors like location, weather, and panning technique can affect the amount of gold you discover. Finding gold in the river may take some time and effort. Show more

What equipment do you need for gold panning in Alaska?

The gear required for gold panning in Alaska includes a shovel, gold pan, and classifier. You may also need a suction dredge or sluice box, which increase the chances of finding gold nuggets. It is advisable to wear protective gear like gloves and boots while panning and to stay comfortable throughout the process. Show more

When you find gold, is it legal to keep it?

If you obtain gold while gold panning in Alaska, keeping it is legal, with some underlying laws that must be obeyed. You can keep one troy ounce of Gold every year without any special permit. But if you find more or intend to sell it, then applying for a permit from the US Bureau of Land Management is necessary. Gold panners must refrain from using heavy machinery, chemicals or explosives while prospecting. Show more

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