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The Burry Man 2023

Follow the Burry Man throughout the streets of Queensferry as he drinks whisky and spreads good luck

Dates: August 11, 2023

The Burry Man
The Burry Man
The Burry Man

Come to the little town of Queensferry to witness the oddest tradition in Edinburgh that dates back to the 12th Century—the Burry Man. The old Scottish tradition is a fun sight to see for both adults and children. On the second Friday of August, a locally born man puts on a suit made off burrs, decorated with colourful flowers and ferns, and roams the streets of the village.

At one glance, the costume might seem out of this world or you might think that someone punished the poor bloke for something. However, locals will tell you differently—to be selected for the onerous commitment is a privilege. Take your family and follow the Burry Man on his nine-hour marching throughout the village. Take pictures as he struggles to drink whisky through a straw or be jealous of the amount of money he is receiving.

Furthermore, if you are superstitious you will be happy to know that the ritual brings good luck to the community of Queensferry. Therefore, if you want to get involved in this tradition and take your fair share of fortune, bring your own burrs and stick them to the Burry Man.​

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