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Baliem Valley Festival 2023

Witness one of the most spectacular cultural events in the world and taste the life in Papua New Guinea

Baliem Valley Festival
Baliem Valley Festival
Baliem Valley Festival

There are only few places on Earth left, where the influence of civilization is relatively small. Among those least explored,—Papua, nested, on the world’s second largest island, New Guinea. Indonesia’s "final frontier", as it is often referred to, is home to around 250 indigenous tribes, each speaking their own language. There is a unique chance to have a firsthand experience of the life of some of those indigenous tribesmen, attending Baliem Valley Festival, which is held annually in a beautiful Baliem green valley long hidden beyond soaring hills.

The people from Dani, Yali and Lani tribes in national clothes get together every August, for a couple of days, to celebrate nowadays famous Baliem Valley Festival. It is aimed to introduce and preserve the values and culture of Baliem Valley’s traditional tribes. The exciting celebrations feature multiple arts and cultural performances, including traditional Papuan dances, pig racing, ancient rituals, Papuan traditional musical performance, and much more.

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