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Kāwhia Kai Festival–Hamilton Waikato 2019

Māori cuisine has many specialties. Try sweet potato and meat cooked in underground ovens and served in flax baskets

The North Island's coastal town Kāwhia hosts the greatest festival of Māori food and culture. Traditional food is splendid here, locals even call Kāwhia "kai food heaven", and the word "kai" in Māori language means "food". Kāwhia kai festival offers traditionally cooked dishes using large underground ovens called "hangis". These dishes are later served in the likewise traditional woven flax baskets. You may also try dishes made of kumara or sweet Māori potato, dozens of wild pork, lots of seafood including watercress, shellfish and mug snails. The most ​specific offers on the menu include shark liver pate, marinated mussels, whitebait patties or baby fish omelette and much more. The festival is held in early February and often coincides in time with Waitangi Day.

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