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Rugby Haka

New Zealand rugby players keep spectators electrified during the entire match starting with vigorous haka cries

Rugby Haka in New Zealand 2019 - Best Time
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Royal New Zealand Navy

Vigorous traditional haka performance totally absorbs spectators before the very rugby match has begun. Wild war-like cries and facial expressions of All Blacks, New Zealand's national team, produce a strong impression of being unbeatable. Spectators are kept in tension watching devoted players passionately rushing across the field, from time to time ripping the naughty ball out of the rivals' hands and passing it on to their allies.

Recognized today as New Zealand's national sports rugby has been introduced to the country in 1870. A series of energetic rugby matches might be observed every weekend during Super Rugby season that stretches from mid-February to mid-July with a break for international games taking place in June and final matches occur mainly in early August.​