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Rubber Ducky Race 2019

50,000 yellow rubber ducks are splashed into the Chicago River to fundraise for the Special Olympics Illinois

Rubber Ducky Race in Chicago 2019 - Best Time
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At 400 North Michigan Avenue, 50,000 ducks are dropped down into the river at the Columbus Drive Bridge to start the annual Duck Derby. Always being for a good cause, the event is meant to raise funds for various charities. You can adopt a duck for $5, and if your duck wins, you get a prize!

Yellow plastic ducks in Chicago River 2020
Yellow plastic ducks in Chicago River

Race Day starts at 400 North Michigan Avenue (The Wrigley Building) at 10 am with lots of entertainment for the entire family. The main event—Splashdown for the Duck Derby—takes place at 1 pm.

You can watch the dump truck filled ducks waiting for the race to start. Every year about $350,000 is raised from the Rubber Duck Derby. In 2017 the money was used to fund Special Olympics Illinois. The sponsor of the first rubber duck that crossed the finish line won an SUV.