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Traditional Lao Wedding

Rural Lao weddings are a great demonstration of national traditions. Hopefully some friends will invite you over


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After the end of the Buddhist Lent in October and before the rainy season starts in April, there is a period very popular for weddings in Laos. Ceremonies vary among different regions, and especially between rural and urban areas. Typically rural weddings adhere to old traditions while urban couples prefer more modern parties.

Some ancient customs are still obeyed in rural areas and can be attended only by close relatives. One example is the preparation of pha khoun—a marigold wax castle with banana leaves. Another is the spiritual Baci ceremony for good luck. Later on, friends and guests are welcomed to enjoy the procession from the groom's side. The purpose of this is to deliver the dowry—money or gold—to the bride's parents. After the offering is accepted the groom and his friends come singing songs and dancing. Silver and gold bells on the doors of the bride's house prevent groom from entering until he pays the price and answers certain questions. At this time his feet are washed by the youngest sister of the bride.

When the traditional customs are finished, the wedding party starts. It is usually held in a restaurant and is mostly about good food, music, and dancing.​

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