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Rural Olympics in Kila Raipur 2025, India

Check out how the simple entertainment of Indian villagers turned into an annual international event

Dates: February 3-5, 2025

Witnessing the famous Kila Raipur Sports Festival is an exotic experience. It’s also well-known as the rural Olympics and is named so because it's the biggest sporting event held in a rural environment. The event takes place at the Grewal Sports Stadium in Kila Raipur village and enthrals the attention of huge crowds of tourists and sports lovers worldwide.

Competitors and participants range from teenagers to the elderly. The spectacular performances during the festival are not for the faint-hearted! Competitions include exciting athletic events, cart-races, and rope pulling as well as dog races, air pistol shooting, kite flying, ox cart races, and much more.

Much more impressive are such thrilling acts as balancing on two or more horses, motorcycle acrobatics, pulling heavy vehicles with one's hair, tractors crawling on human bodies, etc. One year on the first day of the games, a village resident lifted 91 kilograms with his ears which was just unbelievable!

But sports activities are not the only thing to be enjoyed at the rural Olympics. A variety of cultural performances are arranged each day by the locals. Initiated in 1933, Kile Raipur Rural Sports Festival is annually held in winter, mostly in February.

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