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Cow Ball 2019

Celebrate the return of the cattle from pastures in anticipation of winter together with locals around Lake Bohinj

Cow Ball in Slovenia 2019 - Best Time
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© Mitja Sodja, Turizem Bohinj |

Everything calls for celebration in Slovenia! For example, the Cow Ball is more than 50 years old and celebrates the return of cattle from the pastures where during the summer they enjoyed the juicy and fresh grass.

Cow Ball in Slovenia - Best Season 2019

Cows are truly the main heroes of the ball as they parade decorated with wreaths down the road through the Govic waterfall and Ukanc settlement accompanied by their herdsmen. After welcoming the cattle, you can enjoy folk music, dance with the locals, try herdsmen’s cheese, and even participate in log-sawing, horseshoe castling, and sling-shooting.

Best time for Cow Ball in Slovenia 2019