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Húsvéti Locsolkodás or Wet Monday 2023

'I was walking in a green forest, I saw a blue violet, it had started to wilt, may I sprinkle it?' – this is what the men ask the women on this holiday before sprinkling them with water

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On Easter Monday, known in Hungary as "locsolkodás" or Shower Monday, almost every woman gets showered, and men get tasty treats from wet women. Such a ritual may sound very funny, but it has roots in pre-Christian pagan traditions. Earlier only girls of marriageable age were targets of men with buckets of water, but today any woman can get soaked on the street. Usually, of course, boys and men choose well-dressed women for such an occasion and in response they receive painted eggs, home-baked cookies, and alcoholic drinks.

Shower Monday is celebrated across the whole country, but the most traditional way of showering is still kept in the village of Hollókő, which belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage Site and has houses and municipal buildings in the 17th-century​ style.

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