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Ruin Pubs in Hungary

Most ruins across the world are about age, but ruins in Budapest are about pubs

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Ruin Pubs
Ruin Pubs
Ruin Pubs
Ruin Pubs
Ruin Pubs
Ruin Pubs
Ruin Pubs

Budapest, being such an old city, has managed to hide some of its oldest spots in the guise of non-conventional beer pubs and, even more, turn them into the most popular drinking places for locals and tourists. Ruin pubs are like small visual art museums as each one's interior is very unique. After a day of sightseeing you may enjoy a great local beer in front of a picnic table hidden from the crowded streets of Pest in an old Jewish courtyard, or you may want to warm up with live DJs and grab a hot and spicy sausage accompanied with a glass of black stout in the cellar pub during a co​ld Hungarian winter evening.

We recommend you checking out at least few of the ruin pubs either by yourself or join the pub crawl. Some of the 'must-visit' pubs are Szimpla Kert (meaning Simple Garden)—the cult ruin pub with crazy and cozy atmosphere, Instant—a mix of pub, café, and cultural venue, claiming to be the biggest ruin pub in Budapest, and Fogasház—gallery-pub with some great cultural events, and Anker't—the largest beer garden of Budapest with some slam poetry nights and tasty food.

Do not forget to make a reservation, especially if you are planning to visit Budapest 'ruins' on weekend nights.

Practical info

What are ruin pubs in Budapest?

Budapest's ruin pubs are bars, formerly various abandoned buildings now renovated into drinking spots with unique interior decor. They offer Old World charm with contemporary creativity while providing an opportunity for leisure and learning. The bars are distinctive because of their architectural designs, which promote both culture, entertainment, and local culture. The setting of the ruin pubs is the perfect place for quality drinks; visitors enjoy local history, architecture, and street-scapes while visiting some of the city's most off-the-beaten-path spots. Show more

What makes ruin pubs unique from other bars?

Ruin pubs unique feature in Budapest lies in their location independent bars rejuvenated from abandoned buildings, turning them into cultural and entertainment hubs. These are alternative bars with their personalities, making them a must-visit spot in Budapest. The most impressive aspect of the pubs is their interior decor, creating attention-grabbing designs that are absent from most conventional bars. The ruin pubs provide a wholesome drinking experience coupled with culture, art, music, and food like no other conventional bar. Show more

When is the best time to visit the ruin pubs?

Warsaw's ruin pubs offer the ultimate summer outdoor drinking experience with a beautiful beer garden backdrop and a delightful setting that provides an added buzz to the atmosphere. If you plan to visit during winter, the opening times may vary; please check the pubs' websites. Avoid visiting the pubs on weekends as they tend to be overcrowded, but groups can make reservations in advance to ensure they have a spot, and they get to savor local culture and drinks. Show more

Where can tourists find some of the best ruin pubs in Budapest?

Szimpla Kert, Instant, Fogasház, and Anker't are four of the best ruin pubs in Budapest, offering unique ambiance with a distinct atmosphere. Szimpla Kert is one of the earliest ruin pubs with an great vintage decor and comfy atmosphere. Instant stands out as the biggest ruin pub in Budapest where guests can enjoy music and culture. Fogasház is a gallery-pub with some of the best cultural events, while Anker't boasts the largest beer garden in Budapest, making it a perfect place for a cool summer day drink. Still, other ruin pubs around the city are worth a visit too. Show more

What types of cultural events can be experienced at ruin pubs?

Hungary's culture blends into the music, art and drink experience at Budapest's ruin pubs that attract tourists from all over the world. You can experience live music performances in a variety of genres from Jazz to Folk, DJs, stand-up comedy, theatre or movie screening, art exhibitions, slam poetry and many more. Budapest allows one to immerse in Hungarian authentic culture that the ruin pubs display excellently. Visit one of the ruin pubs around the city for an unforgettable evening of unique cultural experience. Show more

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