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Restauracja Kameralna Foksal

A restaurant with excellent Polish cuisine and the atmosphere of another era

Best time: all year round

Kameralna combines two concepts: a bistro and the Warszawa Śródmieście restaurant. An artistic, old-fashioned atmosphere attracts the passers-by and good old friends. The interior is like a throwback to another era: the style, lots of mirrors, table booths, and heavy wood decor make it particularly cozy. Polish cuisine, lots of events, and live music make it a great place for dinner. Tourists exploring the old town can take advantage of the great lunch offer: every day, a new dish at a more attractive price is on offer.

Kameralna, also known as "Kamera", is a restaurant in Warsaws old town (Śródmieście). Throughout its relatively long history of operation since 1947, the place witnessed a fragment of the post-war history of Warsaw. From its opening, the restaurant quickly gained popularity and attracted regular visitors, thanks to its welcoming atmosphere for guests of the different wealth of the wallet. Kameralna gathered all sorts of folks for intellectual conversations or just some quality time with a newspaper and a cup of coffee.

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