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Beer Gardens in Prague 2024

Prague's summer heat can be beaten by cozy, shaded beer gardens found all around the city

Best time: May–eary September

Beer Gardens
Beer Gardens

Being one of the most famous beer producers in the world, the city of Prague offers a huge variety of different tastes. The best season to try something new is during summer when the weather is hot and a cold drink is perfect.

Prague has a lot of beer gardens situated in a pleasant shade and welcoming for any and all. Most of them are situated by the river, in parks, and other beautiful places. These are the best places to relax with a glass of cool beer, chat with locals, or just hang out with friends.

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What are some must-visit beer gardens in Prague?

Letenský zámeček, Riegrovy Sady and Novoměstský pivovar are top beer gardens in Prague, each offering their unique charm and atmosphere. Tourists have a wide variety of options to choose from since Prague has many beer gardens. All beer gardens offer a cozy atmosphere that encourages socializing and relaxation, and most importantly, different types of Czech beers to suit the visitors' preference. Show more

What distinguishes Prague's beer gardens from other cities in Europe?

Prague's beer gardens are unique compared to other European cities because they offer the perfect escape from summer heat in serene, picturesque locations. Tourists can enjoy different flavors of Czech beers that are usually only available in the country. Furthermore, Prague's beer gardens foster an atmosphere that encourages relaxation and socialization with friends that results in an unparalleled, authentic experience for visitors. Show more

Where can I find the best views while enjoying a drink in a beer garden?

You can enjoy stunning views of Prague while enjoying a drink at one of many beer gardens, including Hanavsky Pavilion, Letna Beer Garden and Vrtbovská garden. Hanavsky Pavilion offers a breath-taking view of the city below in Letna park while the Letna Beer Garden provides an ideal location to capture a bird's eye view of famous monuments and landmarks of Prague. Finally, Vrtbovská garden is situated on top of the popular Petřín hill and offers the best views of Prague cityscape. Show more

When is the best time to visit Prague's beer gardens?

Prague's beer gardens are perfect for beating the summer heat, making the best time to visit from May through to early September. During these months, beer gardens provide a pleasant atmosphere and shade, ideal for catching up with friends or relaxing sipping different types of beer. Additionally, it’s an ideal time to visit as there’s a low season of tourists, which makes it possible to enjoy these wonderful brews at a lower price. Show more

Are there any traditional Czech snacks that pair well with beer in these gardens?

Kofola, the locally made cola drink makes an excellent accompaniment to Czech beers in the beer gardens of Prague. Other local snacks such as Nakladany Hermelin, a cheesy onion pickle and Utopenec, a kind of sausage pickled in vinegar and onion are also available. Additionally, Czech cuisine lovers can sample different 'chlebíčky' sandwiches and fried cheese, are enjoyed by the locals and tourists alike and an ideal pairing with the different Czech beer varieties. Show more

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