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Chilling in the Ice Pub in Prague

Enjoy the winter atmosphere in summer and taste some strong drinks

Best time: May–September

Chilling in the Ice Pub
Chilling in the Ice Pub
Chilling in the Ice Pub

One more exciting thing to do in Prague during the summer heat is visiting the Ice Pub. This is a unique place with walls, bar, tables, sculptures, and glasses made entirely of ice. The constant temperature in here is -7 degrees C. Every guest of the Ice Bar is provided with a thermal jacket and gloves. This bar is open at night from 12 pm till 5 am. The bar is situated in the largest music club Karlove Lazne. What could be better than catch some freeze on a hot summer day?

Practical info

What is the optimal time to visit the ice pub?

The ideal time to experience the ice pub would be between May and September to enjoy the cool temperature of the pub while it is hot outside. The winter season in Prague can be freezing, which may make the visit to the ice pub uncomfortable. Hence, to have an enjoyable experience, it is recommended to visit during the summer. Show more

What is the location of the ice pub in Prague?

The karlovy Lázně club in Prague is where the ice pub is located, which is also the biggest music club present in the city. The ice pub is situated in the Old Town, close to many of Prague's popular tourist attractions. Therefore, tourists can combine their visit to the ice pub with sight-seeing in the Old Town of Prague. Show more

What makes the ice pub stand out from other bars in Prague?

The ice pub is unique and distinctive from other bars in Prague because it is constructed entirely out of ice. From walls, bar, tables, glasses, to even sculptures inside the pub, everything is made using ice. Inside, the temperature is constantly kept at -7 degrees Celsius, providing a winter-like experience. Furthermore, the ice pub gives you a different kind of drinking experience, which makes it a must-visit when in Prague. Show more

What are the drinks offered in the ice pub?

Inside the ice pub, you will find an adventurous and robust Russian-themed drinks menu, offering vodka shots served in glasses made out of ice. They have a classic collection of cocktails and beer as well, but the must-try signature drinks are those served inside ice glasses. Prices are reasonable, considering the unique experience offered in the ice-cold surroundings. Show more

What is the age limit to enter the ice pub?

When visiting the ice pub, visitors must be aware of the age restriction, which is 18 years and above. The guests are required to show their ID upon arrival, and the bartenders reserve the right to decline serving beverages to patrons if their behavior is inappropriate. The ice pub strictly follows the rules concerning alcohol consumption in the Czech Republic, and hence visitors must adhere to the guidelines. Show more

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