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Prague Folklore Days 2024

A great chance to see the caleidoscope of world folklore and cuisines

Dates: July 18–21, 2024

Prague Folklore Days
Prague Folklore Days
Prague Folklore Days
Prague Folklore Days

If you want to feel the real spirit of this majestic old city, don't hesitate to attend the biggest folklore festival in Prague. Here, you can learn about the culture of the Czech Republic as well as other countries. This international event showcases music, dancing, traditional cuisine, and crafts from various regions, attracting thousands of spectators.

The festival, known as the Traditional International Independent Meeting of Folk Dance Ensembles, Folk and Wind Brass Orchestras, Folk Singing, Traditional Costume, and Marching Ensembles and Groups, is the biggest folk dance and music event in Central Europe.

Cultural Events at the Festival

Prague Folklore Days is a vibrant festival that immerses locals and visitors in the rich traditions of various regions. The entire local community participates in preparing for the event, which features folk dance troupes and choirs performing on outdoor stages throughout the city center. The best places to experience the festival are Old Town Square, Wenceslas Square, and Republic Square. The highlight is a parade of performing groups through the Old Town alleys.

The festival welcomes amateur folklore ensembles of all types, including singing groups, dancing groups with live or recorded music, and marching groups such as majorettes, historic soldiers, marching bands, flag wavers, and carnival groups. Each year, the festival hosts ensembles from Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Estonia, Poland, Italy, Latvia, and other countries, fostering cultural exchange.

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