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Open-Air Cinemas in Prague

Summer nights spent watching movies under the stars can be a fun experience

Open-Air Cinemas
Open-Air Cinemas

Summer evenings can be a lot of fun when you enjoy your time in one of Prague's outdoor cinemas. Some of them are noisier while others are more romantic, but all of them show the best old and new films open air in the beautiful settings. Most of the movies are shown in the original language with Czech subtitles. All the cinemas are free of charge, so lots of people visit them. One thing you should remember—whoever comes first gets the best seats.

There are also themed cinemas, which show only Italian or French films, so be sure to check before you go. Containall is one such seasonal spot, specialising in Italian films and located on the bank of the Vltava. Showings are every Tuesday. The Prague Beach is quite close to the city centre and hosts open-air cinema screenings almost every evening. A relaxed atmosphere is guaranteed!

Vyletni kino together with Nabrezi Gallery also created an incredible summer atmosphere. Here you can enjoy a glass of beer or a lemonade during the movie. Riegrovy Sady is another great spot. Screenings await you every Sunday and Monday from 9 p.m. The film collection is quite impressive and entry is free.

Practical info

Where can one locate the open-air cinemas in Prague?

Vltava riverbank, Prague beach, Nabrezi Gallery, and Riegrovy Sady are some locations of open-air cinemas in Prague. These locations have different styles of open-air cinemas, such as romantic or noisy cinemas. You can choose themed cinemas, like Containall, which specializes in Italian films, or cinemas that show Czech or French films. These open-air cinemas offer free to attend shows. Show more

What is the ideal time to visit Prague for an open-air cinema experience?

From June to September, the weather is warm, and the evenings are cool, making it the perfect time to experience Prague's open-air cinemas. During summer film festivals, many people flock to Prague. Arrive in good time to get the best seats and enjoy the unique summer atmosphere while watching the movie with your friends or partner. Show more

Are the movies in the open-air cinemas shown in English or Czech language?

Most of the movies played in Prague's open-air cinemas are shown in the original language, with Czech subtitles. Since many people in Prague speak English, this may not be an issue if you are visiting from another country. However, some cinemas may have specific language requirements, especially themed cinemas such as Containall that showcases only Italian films. Show more

Do themed open-air cinemas exist in Prague?

Yes, themed open-air cinemas exist in Prague, like the Containall, which features only Italian movies, while others show French or Czech films, which gives the moviegoers the opportunity to enjoy the same movie genres. The themed cinemas allow access to more important films for moviegoers with special tastes, and it adds to the fantastic experience and atmosphere. Show more

Is there an entry fee to attend open-air cinemas in Prague?

All open-air cinemas in Prague are free to attend, and movie screening starts at 9:00 PM in the evening. The free entry provides people with the opportunity to experience unique cinema sessions in Prague without breaking the bank. It is crucial that visitors arrive early to save the best seats, however. Show more

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