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Signal Festival 2023

One of the most visited events in Prague—Festival of Lights—attracts thousands of tourists and locals with its fantastic light shows

Signal Festival
Signal Festival
Signal Festival
Signal Festival
Festival du signal, Prague
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The annual festival of lights, usually held in October, turns the historical centre of Prague into an amazing space ready for new ideas and technologies. For four days, the city turns into the stage for live dynamic performances of light and sound. The city literally shines. Hundreds of thousands of visitors can see the old city with a new modern perspective. The first edition of the Signal Festival, in 2013, gathered around 250,000 visitors. Wait for the evening hours and enjoy the light performances and magical atmosphere of the city.

Every year, Signal Festival has a different theme. In 2019, it showcases the historical events of the recent past, such as the Velvet Revolution, the fall of the Berliner Wall, and the end of the Iron Curtain. The artwork is displayed at various locations in Prague, including Vojan Garden, Artiseme Garden, Nostitz Garden, Czech Museum of Music, U Salvatora Church, Park Lannova, National Gallery Prague and more.

The Signal Festival has started as a video mapping show and a light display, evolving into a renown digital art festival and an innovative tech event with many new venues and locations. The Festival has become one of the most respected and unusual art events in the Czech Republic.

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