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Truro City of Lights 2019

Cornwall's most prominent lights and arts festival

Truro City of Lights in England 2019 - Best Time
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Truro City of Lights is a major festival in the town of Truro in Cornwall. Every year it attracts about 30,000 people, who come to watch the warm glow of festive lights and the crowd being almost twice as a big than the town's population. The festival celebrating winter, art, performance, and music is supported by the Truro City Council coordinated by a small local team who fundraise for it throughout the year.

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Celebrations include a dazzling procession of giant handmade lanterns in various unusual shapes which are carried by professional artists. Smaller lanterns are carried by Cornish school pupils and local residents. The parade gets a new theme every year. It is accompanied by music and dance from brass bands and samba groups. Outdoor music and theatre performances are held at various locations throughout the town.

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