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The Lights Fest Atlanta 2024 in Alabama

Launch your light together with thousands of families

Dates: June 29, 2024

The Lights Fest in Atlanta is the definition of the perfect lantern festival. Thousands of people gather in the middle of nowhere to enjoy live music, dancing, and great food and launch thousands of sky lanterns into the night sky. That's what The Lights Fest is all about. The sky lantern festival is a unique event for people to share their personal wishes and dreams with each other while igniting their personalized lanterns and letting them go. The sight of thousands of them filling the sky is incredible.

Festival Night Program

Prior to the lantern launch, the Atlanta Lights Festival begins in the late afternoon with live entertainment and local artists' performances. Kids can enjoy bouncy houses and face painting. You can also enjoy many delectable delights offered by numerous food vendors or dance to your hearts content at the festival dance parties. Another great family-friendly attraction is lantern decoration, where you and your loved ones can unleash your creativity at the provided lanterns.

Sky Lantern Launch

Every festivalgoer receives a package containing a lantern with his or her ticket. These specially designed lanterns can stay in the air for some time and not travel far from the launching point. The permission to launch the lights comes from the fire marshal after considering wind and other conditions. Lanterns are also biodegradable and have no materials that could harm the environment.

The lanterns are usually launched after sunset, dotting the night sky above the venue. Hundreds of participants let go of their lanterns, wishing for their dreams to come true. The lights are floating above the venue, illuminating the landscape and creating wonderful memories, which linger in the minds of attendees long after the event.


Ticket cost varies based on the time of purchase. An early bird ticket costs $39, while the final price is $68. Tickets for children between ages 4 and 12 are discounted and cost $45. Children under three years old have free admission with adult supervision.


The venue stars operating a couple of hours before sunset, at around 4 pm. The lantern launch only takes place after the fire marshal's notice, usually after the sunset.


This transformative experience for many families and friends takes place at Talladega GP Raceway in Munford, Alabama. Events organized by The Lights are always held outside the populated areas in an open space.

The Lights Festivals in Other Cities

The Lights organizes festival in many other areas of the US, including Oklahoma City area, Chicago area, Pittsburgh area, Charlotte area, Utah, Hartford and Washington DC. The events are organized annually on a regular basis.

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