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Fall Foliage in Alabama

Red maples, scarlet dogwoods, yellow poplars, and hickories—Alabama has it all

Best time: late October–early November

Fall Foliage in Alabama
Cheaha State Park, Alabama

When fall strikes, Alabama becomes a sweet home for beautiful colorful foliage. Multiple parks around the state burst with shades of red, yellow, and gold. Whether you pick a relaxing car ride or a challenging hike, autumn in Alabama won't leave you disappointed.

Fall foliage season starts in North Alabama at the beginning of October and slowly moves South. On average, the peak season in the state is from late October to early November. During that period, days remain sunny but also chilly and breezy. The air temperature ranges between 80 °F (27 °C) and 40°F (4 °C).

Scenic Drives

A drive along the I-59 road is an excellent introduction to the charm of autumnal Alabama. It gets especially spectacular on the segment between Argo and St. Clair Springs. Another scenic route is John Findley Drive, which runs for seven miles. Along the way, you will witness beautiful chestnuts and oaks changing their palette.


Oak Mountain State Park is Alabama’s largest state park and one of the most loved and popular among hiking fans. Its breathtaking vistas are the ideal background for family-friendly activities like hiking, biking, golf, or fishing.

Monte Sano Park occupies around 2,140 acres and has over 34 miles of biking and hiking trails. The real gem of the park is an O’Shaughnessy Point, which provides a view like a patchwork quilt of color. Cheaha State Park is known for being Alabama's highest point and also for its tranquil lakes and waterfalls surrounded by fall trees. However, no matter which park you choose for your leaf-peeping excursion, Alabama can surely surprise you with its colorful fall!

Practical info

When can visitors view the red, yellow, and gold leaves on trees in Alabama?

The fall foliage reaches its peak colors in Alabama from late October to early November. During this time, temperatures range between 80°F and 40°F, and the days remain sunny but chilly and breezy too. The many trees around the state, including red maples, scarlet dogwoods, yellow poplars, and hickories, change their leaf colors to different shades of red, yellow, and gold, providing a beautiful spectacle perfect for visitors to view in the parks around the state. Show more

What are the trees that contribute to fall foliage's vibrancy in Alabama?

The autumnal colors of Alabama owe much to the trees that line its parks; amongst them are scarlet dogwoods, yellow poplars, hickories, and red maples. These trees in the parks around the state light up in the autumn with their breathtaking foliage, with their red, yellow, and gold leaves providing a vibrant backdrop that makes Alabama a unique and unforgettable place to visit during fall’s peak season. Show more

Which Alabama park offers family-friendly activities such as fishing, biking, and hiking?

Oak Mountain State Park is the ideal place to go for family-friendly activities like hiking, biking, golf, or fishing. This Alabama state park provides one of the country's largest state parks, with breathtaking vistas that add to its beauty. The park's trails are peaceful, and the fall foliage surrounding the park's scenic paths provides an unforgettable backdrop that will stay with you and your loved ones forever. Show more

What is the name of Alabama's seven-mile scenic route that visitors can enjoy autumn colors on?

John Findley Drive runs seven miles long in the state of Alabama and is an excellent way to take in the fall colors. Lined with chestnuts and oak trees dotted with their colorful foliage, visitors will experience a peaceful atmosphere while admiring the natural surroundings on this winding road. Driving on this scenic route will make an indelible impression on anyone, and visitors to Alabama must check it out. Show more

Which Alabama state park is renowned for its waterfalls and tranquil lakes, and is the highest point in the state?

Cheaha State Park is the highest point in Alabama and is known for its tranquil lakes, waterfalls, and stunning natural scenery, which reveals more shades of red, yellow, and gold from the fall foliage. This park's beauty extends beyond the fall season, and it's not just for nature lovers; it is one of the top Alabama destinations that offers an unforgettable experience unlike anywhere else in the country or the world. Show more

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