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Alabama Renaissance Faire 2024

Visit one of the major tourist events in the Southeast

Dates: October 26–27, 2024

Alabama Renaissance Faire (ARF) gathers the fans of all things medieval every year for a weekend in late October. The charming celebration, which originated in 1987, is always headed by Vikings, pirates, trolls, and dragons, reveling at Wilson Park in Florence, Alabama. As for the monarchs, those change yearly, including the figures who ruled between 1100 and 1650, but most often, the theme focuses on 1330-1550.

The main highlights of Alabama Renaissance Faire include sword fighting, when noble knights clash in thrilling battles using medieval weapons. Performers include Historical European martial arts (HEMA) and others. Minstrels and troubadours at the Faire will tell stories of love, valor, and adventure. Fire dancers mesmerize the crowds with their daring and dangerous spectacle. Merry Maypole Dancing is a beloved European tradition, celebrating the rebirth of nature. The public can join the merriment and celebrate, grabbing a ribbon, joining hands, and letting loose to the sounds of music.

Alabama Renaissance Faire hosts a bustling Artisans' Marketplace, where skilled artisans and craftsmen offer their unique wares, from handmade medieval costumes to jewelry, hats, shoes, and armor, The organizers typically sell diverse merchandise, such as themed tunics or T-shirts, which you can buy on-site during the festivities or from the online store.

Join the Alabama Renaissance Faire from 10 am through 6 pm on Saturday and noon through 6 pm on Sunday. You can benefit from free admission, as well as free parking options. For more details, please visit the event's official website, listed in our External Resources below.

In addition to Alabama Renaissance Faire, you might want to check out another vibrant occasion, running a week prior to the main event. Alabama Renaissance Feast. The real medieval feast is held at the Florence-Lauderdale Coliseum (Feast Hall) in Florence, Alabama, on the third Saturday of October.

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