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Almonte Celtfest 2024

The festival that whisks you away on a magical Celtic retreat

Dates: July 5-7, 2024

The annual Almonte Celtfest takes you to the ethereal realm of the Celtic world for a long weekend in early July. Free festivities come about at Gemmill Park in the heart of Almonte, Ontario. The natural amphitheater hosting live entertainment is 33 miles (53 km) southwest of Ottawa, a mere 42-minute drive. Here, you can immerse yourself in the amazing traditional music and shop for some unique handmade souvenirs with a distinct flair of the past.

The event's history stems from 1997: Driven by the love of all things Celtic and inspired by some revival of Celtic music through Riverdance, Brian and Dan O'Connell, along with Terry Currie, decided to throw a theme-dedicated revelry and assemble all up-and-coming artists in the community. The main aim of the Almonte Celtfest was to bring forgotten Celtic culture to everyone. Thus, beyond free admission, the organizers provide diverse activities for kids and a tent for seniors. In addition, the festival offers a wide array of food vendors to please any palate.

So, if you'd like to appreciate local talents and reflect on the riveting Celtic heritage, plan your visit in advance and book your stay nearby from the accommodations map. For more information on the schedule and other details, please visit Almonte Celtfest's official website or Facebook (scroll down to the External Resources).

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