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New York Renaissance Faire 2023

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New York Renaissance Faire is a light-hearted medieval bustle through Elizabethan England within the majestic groves of Sterling Forest (well, it's Tuxedo Park, about an hour drive from Manhattan). The event, which runs on weekends from the beginning of August to the end of September each year, lets you travel back in time. Where else you can join Queen Elizabeth I on a grand visit to a beautiful English village of the 16th century, meet Robin Hood and his Merry Band, or feast on tempting treats and savoury sweets?

Magic fairies, swashbuckling pirates, amazing acrobats are there for you. In the Marketplace, over 100 Artisans will warmly welcome you and offer the finest crafts.

The Faire first appeared in 1977, on the former site of the Sterling Forest Botanical Gardens, and since then has operated annually. Every weekend announces a new theme like pirates, time travels, Celtic heritage, romance—just pick your favourite and join the costume contests.

The most important thing about the Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo Park is that no matter how it has evolved over the years, it has abided to the concept of living history.

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