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Dominican Day Parade 2020

The annual celebration of Dominican culture and heritage


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The Dominican Day Parade takes place in New York City on the second Sunday of August celebrating the heritage and contribution of all Americans of Dominican origin. About 10,000 participants take place in massive festivities. The parade is accompanied by concerts and celebrations as well as delicious food in Washington Heights. The Dominican Day Parade was started in 1982 by Dominican American community leaders in NYC. Dominican Americans comprise about 14% of the NYC population.

Dominican Day Parade in New York - Best Season 2020

The parade proceeds between noon and 4 p.m. from South to North on 6th Avenue starting from 38th Street and ending on 56th Street. Every year it has a different theme. In 2015 the theme was Education and Economic Empowerment. The parade features honorees from well-known members of the community, like singer and actress Charytin Goyco or costume designer Emilio Sosa.

Dominican Day falls on the second Sunday of August because on that day Dominicans mark the start of La Guerra de la Restauracion (the Restauration War for the Second Independence from Spain led by General Gregorio Luperon). It started on August 16, 1863, and ended on March 3, 1865, when the Dominican Republic regained its independence from Spain for the second time.

The parade showcases the richness of Dominican culture. A gala is held on Friday before Sunday's parade at various locations in NYC.

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