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Heiva i Tahiti 2024

Discover the symbol of the Polynesian culture and an iconic event for people proud of their heritage and history

Dates: July 4-20, 2024

July is the month of festivities on the island. At this time residents celebrate the festival of life called Heiva I Tahiti. It's a symbol of Polynesian culture and an iconic event for people who are proud of their heritage and history.

Locals honour the ancestral tradition and dancers prepare for the festival for almost six months. They make costumes, select music, and choreograph their dances based on the authentic theme. The dance show is accompanied by live music from ukuleles, nasal flutes, and marine shells. During the festival some singing competitions even take place.

One more traditional event is the sport and game competition including a stone lifting competition, a javelin-throwing event, outrigger canoe races, a copra competition, and a fruit carrying competition.

Visit Tahiti in July to witness all the different parts of this amazing festival. All the events are held at the Place Toata, near the Maison de la Culture in the capital city of Papeete.

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