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Tiare Tahiti

Tahitian emblematic flower is celebrated during Tiare Honoring Days through weaving wreaths and bunches of the favourite blossoms

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Tiare Tahiti is the national flower symbol of Tahiti. In Tahitian, Tiare means “flower” in a general sense. Locals wear them in their hair, weave wreaths as a present to the island's tourists, and resorts decorate hotel rooms with an abundance of these flowers. The Tiare Tahiti is just a beautiful flower with a heady smell. The flower is one of the components of Tahitian monoi oil and is added to perfumes.

Its snow-white blossoms, as well as its subtle fragrance, spread all over Tahiti year-round but particularly between September and April. The first week of December, during the Tiare Days named "La Journée du Tiare Tahiti," Tahitians decorate businesses and public institutions, houses, and shops with these flowers. For the floral design contest, locals make magnificent floral arrangements, crowns, necklaces, and Tiare flower dresses. The award ceremony is accompanied by a parade and a dance show. Everyone on the streets of Papeete has a chance to receive a tiare.

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