Best time to visit Tahiti

Diving and Snorkeling around Tahiti

Take an unforgettable diving trip in Tahiti during the Polynesia winter when the water temperature is lower and the visibility is clearer

Diving and Snorkeling around Tahiti
Diving and Snorkeling around Tahiti
Diving and Snorkeling around Tahiti
Diving and Snorkeling around Tahiti

Tahiti Island is one of the most popular destinations for divers. The waters around the island are full of life: you'll meet lobster, crabs, sharks, mantas, leopard rays, and even whales—these islands boast a diversity of predators and pelagics.

Tahiti offers excellent variety and density of dive sites from shallow waters to steep oceanic drop-offs with the sunken vessels and coral reefs. The most popular sites for diving around Tahiti island are such lagoons as the Aquarium, the Wrecks, the Lagoon Hole, Papa Whisky, Fresh Water Springs, and Tetopa Grotto. There are also tonnes of destinations in the ocean, the Tuamotu Islands, and others.

The best conditions for diving are from April through November when the water temperature is lower and the visibility is better. If you're into a boat dive, the most common departure point is located in Puna'auia. Feel free to check out Eleuthera Tahiti Diving Center.

Practical info

When is the best time to dive in Tahiti?

The period between April and November is considered the best time for diving in Tahiti. During this time, the temperature of the water is cooler, thereby making it an ideal season for diving. Additionally, the visibility is excellent, allowing divers a clear view of the marine life underwater. Show more

Where are the best diving spots around Tahiti Island?

Diving enthusiasts should explore the wide range of dive sites available around the Tahiti Island. To accommodate diverse level divers, the best diving sites are located around lagoons such as Papa Whisky, Lagoon Hole, the Aquarium, Fresh Water Springs, and Tetopa Grotto. Others are located in the Tuamotu Islands, ocean, and more. Show more

How many dive sites are available in Tahiti?

With 50 dive spots in total, Tahiti Island has an array of dive sites suited for divers of all levels. The sites come in varying depths and landscapes, including shallow waters and steep oceanic drop-offs with coral reefs, sunken vessels, and more. Numerous marine life species such as sharks, whales, manta rays, and fish species can be found at these dive sites. Show more

What marine life can you expect to see when diving in Tahiti?

The unique location of Tahiti Island's waters offers a diverse collection of marine life. You can expect to see numerous species of colorful fish, as well as predatory animals such as sharks, barracuda, tuna, and pelagics. Divers can also encounter more peaceful marine life, including turtles, eagle rays, and manta rays, and even large mammals like whales and dolphins. Show more

Are there any diving centers that offer boat dives and depart from Puna'auia?

Puna'auia's Eleuthera Tahiti Diving Center is located in Tahiti and provides boat dives for exploring dive sites around Tahiti Island, among other areas. The center caters to divers of all levels with an experienced team of instructors available for different programs. Additionally, they provide rental gear, transportation, and other facilities to ensure that divers have a hassle-free and comfortable diving experience. Show more

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