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Hammerheads and Manta Season in Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands warm season is a perfect time to see the hammerheads and mantas

Best time: December–May

Hammerheads and Manta Season
Hammerheads and Manta Season
Hammerheads and Manta Season

During the December-May period the water temperature on Wolf and Darwin islands rises to 78-80°F (25-27°C) and there are no seasonal winds, which can negatively affect the underwater visibility. So this is your perfect time to experience the ethereal underwater world of the Galapagos Islands.

So what can you expect from this fascinating journey? This is one of the most perfect places to explore hammerheads and mantas, especially from December through May. The sharks tend to “wall up”, creating a solid school of large sharks in very close proximity to each other.

Best place to look for these “shark walls” is around the reefs. Typically, you'll see the wall of hammerheads facing the current and slowly undulating their tails just enough to maintain their position—it totally seems that they're flying. Incredible!

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When is the best time to visit the Galapagos Islands for seeing hammerheads and mantas?

Hammerhead and manta sightings are more frequent in the Galapagos Islands during the warm season from December to May as the water temperature on Darwin and Wolf Islands rises to 78-80°F (25-27°C) at this time. This season is also characterized by clear underwater visibility without any seasonal winds. It is undoubtedly the perfect time to indulge in the sublime underwater beauty of the Galapagos Islands. Show more

Where can I find the "shark walls" of hammerheads in the Galapagos Islands?

The "shark walls" of hammerheads in the Galapagos Islands can be spotted near the reefs where the sharks tend to gather and swim together in schools. These magnificent creatures gently undulate their tails to stay in their formation and face the water's current. It is a sight to behold and admire! Show more

What is the water temperature like during the warm season in the Galapagos Islands?

The water temperature in the warm season in the Galapagos Islands ranges between 78-80°F (25-27°C) around the islands of Darwin and Wolf. It is an ideal temperature for experiencing the exotic marine life and exploring the underwater universe of the islands' clear waters without the interference of seasonal winds. Show more

How close can you get to the sharks in the Galapagos Islands during the warm season?

Respectful distance has to be maintained from marine creatures while ensuring their safety and comfort while visiting the Galapagos Islands. However, one can still witness the incredible spectacle of the hammerhead and manta schools that congregates and swims together around the reefs, further enhancing the experience. One can also take advantage of clear underwater visibility to take memorable photos and appreciate the captivating views. Show more

What other marine life can be seen in the Galapagos Islands during the warm season besides hammerheads and mantas?

During the December to May warm season, one can look forward to capturing heartwarming glimpses of an extensive variety of marine life in the Galapagos Islands. Schools of yellowfin tuna, sea turtles, and sea lions can be easily spotted here. One can also enjoy the indelible experience of seeing the playful dolphins swimming in a pod or other creatures in their natural habitat. It's a breathtaking and unforgettable opportunity to dive into the charm of marine life in the Galapagos Islands. Show more

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