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Diving with the White Sharks in Cape Town

If you are brave enough, diving with sharks may not seem such an insane idea!

Best time: October–May

Diving with the White Sharks

Though it may seem like a nightmare to stay in water while the white toothy shark approaches you, it is, in fact, a startling experience that will open up the greatness and uniqueness of this intimidating predator.

The dive itself is set at Gansbaai, some 175 km southeast of the Cape Town, and it is heavily promoted in the city. This is truly a lifetime adventure, which is best when the water is warmer and the visibility is clearer, which attracts sharks to this part of the coast.

Practical info

Where can you experience a lifetime adventure while diving near Cape Town?

Gansbaai, about 175 km southeast of Cape Town, is the perfect place to go diving with white sharks if you're looking for a lifetime adventure. It is a heavily promoted location and the setting where the dive is. Diving with great white sharks is the highlight of the experience, which is undoubtedly unforgettable. Therefore, Gansbaai is the perfect opportunity for tourists to experience this unique and memorable encounter. Show more

What is the ideal period of the year for diving with white sharks?

From October to May, the weather conditions are suitable for diving with white sharks. During this time, the water is much warmer, and visibility is more transparent, making it the perfect season for shark attraction. On the other hand, the water temperature drops and visibility reduces significantly throughout the year. Although diving with sharks is possible all year round, it is preferable to dive from October to May for the best experience. Show more

How near do the divers come to the sharks during the dive, and what measures are taken to protect them?

Divers performing the dive are always protected inside cages to keep them safe from the sharks. However, the sharks can get as close as a few inches to the cages. Nevertheless, divers have an excellent view of the sharks from the cage while staying safe. Overall, divers get to witness the sharks' grace and size underwater and enjoy the unique experience while ensuring their safety through the use of protective cages and equipment during the diving expedition. Show more

Are there any prerequisite diving qualifications needed to participate in a white shark diving expedition?

There are no diving qualifications required to participate in a white shark diving expedition. The diving expedition's management provides detailed briefings to divers on the diving procedures and equipment used, ensuring they are well prepared. The protective cages also ensure divers' safety throughout the dive. Therefore, regardless of their experience level, divers can explore the underwater adventure with white sharks without any previous diving experience. Show more

How does the diving company ensure their divers' safety during the expedition?

Throughout the expedition, several safety measures are taken to ensure divers remain protected. These safety measures include the use of protective cages to keep the divers safe and equipment briefings that adequately prepare divers for the expedition. Additionally, the staff members conducting the expedition possess enough experience and know-how of safety procedures, making them capable of guiding divers throughout the journey. Finally, the updating and maintenance of equipment such as cages help enhance the safety of divers during the expedition. Show more

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