Best time to visit Provence & French Riviera

Diving in Provence & French Riviera

Plunge into clear turquoise water and explore the unique marine life of the Blue Coast

Best time: May–September


Thanks to Jacques Cousteau, diving in Provence is very popular and widely available. Essentially you can scuba dive all along the entirety of the Mediterranean coast. Among the best diving spots are Marseille, Hyères, and Cavalaire. Hyères gives an opportunity to discover the Mediterranian marine life at its best ​since it's a part of the National Park of Port Cros and a great number of fish species and aquatic plants can be found here. The seabed near Cavalaire, on the other hand, is famous for it's wrecked ships from different time periods starting with ancient Greece and even has some crashed planes. If you're not afraid of cool water, you should definitely try the strip along the Calanques with its amazing coral and rock formations. The best part is that most companies have diving opportunities for even absolute​ beginners.

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What are some recommended areas for scuba diving in Provence and French Riviera?

The three best diving locations in Provence are Marseille, Hyères, and Cavalaire. Hyères is part of the National Park of Port Cros and is an ideal place for experiencing the Mediterranean's marine life. The seabed near Cavalaire houses shipwrecks starting from ancient Greece while Marseille is known for its turquoise water and diverse aquatic fauna that await. Divers will be amazed by the unique atmosphere and diversity of aquatic flora and fauna in these locations. Show more

Is there any fascinating marine life and flora found in Hyères?

Hyères, in the National Park of Port Cros, features a wonderfully diverse marine life and aqua flora that is well preserved and protected by laws preventing any human activity that may cause damage. Aquatic beings include barracudas, lobsters, moray eels, and scorpionfish, with various aquatic plant species to be found as well. Diving enthusiasts will appreciate the location's effort to preserve marine life, making it an excellent destination for underwater sightseeing. Show more

What is the ideal time to dive in Provence and French Riviera?

Scuba enthusiasts will have the best diving experience between May and September in Provence and French Riviera, with comfortable water temperatures ranging from 17°C to 25°C. These warm waters are perfect for enjoying the Mediterranean's turquoise waters and its diverse flora and fauna. Diving during peak season is ideal, but pre-booking is advised to avoid unavailability. Show more

Can first-time divers join the diving sessions in this region?

Numerous scuba diving firms welcome beginners interested in exploring Provence and French Riviera's underwater world. These diving sessions for beginners are specifically designed to provide a safer and more comfortable diving experience. Also, diving in this area, with its diverse animal and plant life, even for first-time divers, is expected to be an enjoyable experience that one cannot forget. Show more

What can be witnessed while diving near Cavalaire, and are there any significant shipwrecks worth seeing?

Cavalaire is a popular seabed with over 12 shipwreck sites to explore, each with its unique history and marine life. In addition to ancient Greek ships, it also hosts crashed planes. Divers can expect to see seahorses, octopus, and grouper while exploring the wrecks' vicinity. The Mediterranean's aquatic life, such as coral, urchins, and sponges, will also captivate the divers. It is well worth diving in Cavlaire. Show more

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