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If you have some experience and courage you can try either open water iceberg diving or diving under icebergs trapped in the pack ice


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Diving in cold water is a bit intimidating and requires courage at first, but once you've tried it, you'll never forget this experience. The underwater world of Greenland is surprisingly diverse: catfish, lumpsuckers, seaweed, sea cucumbers, and of course, icebergs and shipwrecks—from a three mast schooner to a prison ship.

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Diving between icebergs is available in Disco Bay and in the area around Tasiilaq. The temperature of the water doesn't really change during the year in Greenland, but the operators offer two types of diving tours.

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One of them takes place in April when the water is slightly colder, but the visibility is great. This kind of tours includes diving under ice. Another kind takes place in August and September and includes diving in open water which is just a little warmer at this time. The main part of both types is discovering the icebergs of Greenland.

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There's also one special way of diving in Greenland for those looking for an extreme adventure. It's called 'underwater surfing' and it's about letting the powerful currents take you along to the underwater ridge.

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If you really want to try cold w​ater diving make sure you do it with a certified diver who knows the secrets of Greenland's underwater world.

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Along the bottom of the iceberg

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