Best time to visit Galapagos Islands

Best Diving Experience in Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands offer you unforgettable diving experience both during wet and dry seasons

Best time: June–November

Best Diving Experience
Best Diving Experience
Best Diving Experience

The diving season is divided into two parts: June-November and December-May periods. The June-November season is considered to be the best as more marine life can be seen. This is due to the fact that Humboldt current brings in substantial amounts of plankton, which attracts the fish and affects the sea life. However, if you are planning to dive during this season pay attention to the fact that the water temperature will be lower and you will need respective clothing. The December-May season with warm water and sunny weather is more pleasant all round the Galapagos.

Practical info

When is the peak season for diving in Galapagos Islands?

The peak season for diving in the Galapagos Islands is from June to November. This period is also considered the best time to visit the island for diving enthusiasts. During this season, the Humboldt current brings large amounts of plankton that stimulate the proliferation of marine life. Therefore, you get to witness a diverse group of species such as hammerhead sharks, whale sharks, sea lions, and marine iguanas. Show more

In how many different periods is the Galapagos diving season divided?

The diving season in the Galapagos Islands is divided into two periods, with one being from June to November and the other from December to May. From June to November, the water is cold, but there is a high level of plankton in the water, providing scuba divers with the chance to observe a wide variety of marine animals. In contrast, December to May is a slightly warmer period, making it more comfortable for divers. Show more

What should be the water temperature for scuba diving in Galapagos?

The water temperatures in the Galapagos Islands usually range from 20°C to 28°C, but they can fall below 18°C during the June-November season. To be safe, visitors are advised to bring wetsuits with different thickness levels depending on the time they choose to visit the islands. Show more

Which marine species can be observed during the diving season from June-November?

The Galapagos Island's diving season from June to November is an opportunity for divers to encounter different marine animals such as sea lions, sharks, marine iguanas, sea turtles, eagle rays and different types of fish. With luck, visitors may be able to spot dolphins and killer whales as well. Show more

Is diving equipment rental available in the Galapagos Islands or visitors should bring their own?

Both options are available. However, due to the unique diving experience that the Galapagos Islands offer, it is advisable to bring your own gear to enjoy the experience to the fullest. If not possible, some dive tour operators offer a complete equipment package including wetsuits, fins, tanks, and BCDs. One can also rent equipment from a vendor on the islands; nevertheless, it is recommended to reserve in advance. Show more

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