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December–April • nature

The best pink encounter is possible when 40,000 flamingos gather in one place to bring up their chicks

Hierve el Agua Waterfall

November–April • nature

A lovely pool comfortably set in the mountainside and a petrified waterfall of salt crystals—an amazing natural site to explore

Baby Turtle Release

July–mid-November (Atlantic Coast) | December–March (Pacific Coast) • nature

Have you ever held a baby sea turtle in your hands? This is a great occasion to carry a whole dozen


November–April • activity

Mexico's unique caving involves the world's deepest pits, teeming with tropical birds and caves of hanging snakes

Exploring the Mayan Ruins

September–May • activity

You will surely want to discover these amusing pieces of millennial Mayan architechture

Monarch Butterfly Migration

November–February • nature

Central Mexico is blessed to be the wintering shelter of millions of bright butterflies

Noche de Rábanos or Night of the Radishes

December 23 • event

Imagine nativity scenes composed of carved radish, corn husks, and dried flowers!

Mapimí Silent Zone

November–May • nature

The land of meteorites, bizarre rocks, animal mutants, and broken phones, known as Zona Del Silencio, must be a cousin of the Bermuda Triangle


November–March • event

Mexico remains one of few countries where this traditional entertainment is still legal, but it feels like it's to be banned soon


late December–early January • activity

Would you break a colourful doll to get sweets hidden inside? This funny ritual is a part of many Mexican celebrations

Whale Watching

December–March • nature

You may find a family of humpbacks next to your boat and see the majesty of a mother and her young swimming side by side

Christmas (Navidad)

December 16–February 02 • event

With las posadas, los pastorales, and other seasonal fun, Mexican Christmas is so much more than food and presents. It extends much further than New Years to Día de la Candelaria

Beach Season

October–May • activity

Either at the Pacific coastline or the Gulf of Mexico, scenic beaches are something Mexico has plenty of

Grutas Tolantongo

all year round • nature

Have you ever imagined the infinity pool?

The Hidden Beach (Playa Del Amor)

November–May • activity

Have you ever sunbathed inside a giant crater?


November–March • activity

Reefs, wrecks, colourful wildlife, underwater museums, and sink holes—diving in Mexico is like nowhere else in the world


late October–December • food

A hot savoury corn drink with fruit, nuts, and chocolate flavours is of the favourites during holiday season

Rosca de Reyes

December 25–January 06 • food

Slices of the sweet bread include baby figurines. If you get one, consider yourself lucky!


November–June • event

When a pair of Mexican roosters are released to the rink, only one will survive and another one will drown in his own blood

Mexican Rodeos or Charreadas

Sundays, 1st weekend of September • event

The riders' grace and elegance make Mexican charreada look more like a stylish performance rather than a competition

Lucha Libre

all year round • event

Masked fighters seem to beat each other to death, while bloodthirsty spectators enjoy the action with a pint of beer

Tuna (Prickly Pear)

September–December • food

You might have heard some cacti yield edible fruit, but have you ever tried grilled cactus leaves?

Mole Poblano

October 31–November 02 | December 25 • food

This spicy chocolate sauce made of over 20 ingredients is believed to have a divine origin


September–May • activity

Check out ancient Mayan settlements on river banks, islands with castles, ports, and the Land's End—a boat trip can reveal the best of Mexico

El Caracol

all year round • activity

Ancient observatory helped shape knowledge of Mayan civilization

Iglesia de San Juan

June 24 (year round) • activity

The unusual church where Catholic service is combined with animal sacrifices and other indigenous beliefs

Guayaba (Guava)

August–April • food

This exotic fruit is eaten whole along with the skin and seeds, and its specific piquant flavour makes for refreshing fruit drinks and cocktails


Día de los Muertos or Day of the Dead

October 31–November 02 • event

Painted faces in colourful Mexican clothes reunite with their dead loved ones through cemetery celebrations

Guelaguetza Festival

July 30, 2018 • event

The indigenous people of Mexico gather thousands at the amphitheatre to introduce pre-Hispanic culture

Cinco de Mayo

May 05 • event

Concerts, lectures, day-long Puebla street parties, and a fearless Mexican army in their finest military costumes highlight the festival

Chapulines or Grasshoppers

June–October • food

Insect invasion doesn't pose a threat to Mexico, as long as crispy grasshoppers are actually a local favourite snack

Cactus Ice Cream

June–August • food

Locals call it tuna ice-cream, which often confuses customers, yet tuna is a cactus flower and smells like a cucumber rather than fish

Swimming with Whale Sharks

May–September • activity

This huge fish might look frightening, but human meat is not in its taste as it prefers plankton instead

Pozol, Tepache, and Tesguino

June–August • food

Besides tequila, expert Mexican brewers make perfect drinks from fermented corn dough, corn kernels, and pineapple skins

Granadas or Pomegranates

August–September • food

Enjoy red juicy pomegranate seeds alone, or topped over chiles en nogata

Flying Ant Salsa

May • food

Mexicans know the most effective method for how to turn your enemies into friends—to kill and cook them

Diez y Seis (Independence Day)

September 15–September 16 • event

A midnight cry for freedom, day-long reenactments, and at last the independence declaration—Mexico literally lives it over again and again

Huitlacoche or Corn Smut

May–September • food

This fine name stands for dark-coloured fungus growing on corn, and added to many Mexican foods when in season

Dragon Fruit or Pitaya

May–June • food

This watery and moderately sweet fruit is refreshing by itself and is a great ingredient for desserts

Carnaval de Mazatlán

February 28–March 05, 2019 • event

The third largest carnival celebrations in the world


May–September • food

The affordable price and abundance allow you to eat as many of these sweet fruits as you want. Also try mango-based drinks, desserts, and salsas!

Cactus Bloom

late April–June • nature

Walking across the desert, you might get lucky to see a rare cactus bloom

Pa’l Norte

March 22–23, 2019 • event

This Mexican music party saw explosive success from the very beginning with around 134,000 visitors

Carnaval de Veracruz

February 27–March 05, 2019 • event

One of the greatest Mexican carnivals is a must visit for salsa fans

Lime Season

June–August • food

A lime complements every dish and beverage available in traditional Mexican menus, the only exception is coffee

Exploding Sledgehammer Celebrations

March 01–05, 2019 • event

Despite good chances to be wounded, one of the world's most dangerous parties annually gathers tens of thousands of thrill-seekers in San Juan de la Vega

Mamey Sapote & Tejate

February • food

This sweet fruit is equally good when raw and cooked into jellies or marmalades, and its seeds are used to make tejate, a pre-Hispanic drink


late January–February 02 • food

A vast variety of stuffed cornmeal dumplings crown the feast of Candlemas

Dia de la Raza

October 12 • event

The festival provides another occasion for flamboyant public parades and scholarly debates about Mexican roots

Main Surfing Season

April–October • activity

The lengthy coastline offers a variety of excellent surfing locations

Fiestas de Octubre

October 05–November 04, 2018 • event

Cowboy homes, the birthplace of tequila, and mariachi music are all showcases in month-long festivities


June–August • food

Good looking, nice tasting, easily peeled, and long-lasting in the sun—rambutans deserve the highest praise!