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Mapimí Silent Zone

The land of meteorites, bizarre rocks, animal mutants, and broken phones, known as Zona Del Silencio, must be a cousin of the Bermuda Triangle


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Whoever has been there, claims to have felt strange tingling in their bodies. In this creepy area, you're cut off from the rest of the world, gadgets stop working—cellphones, radio, or compass—everything breaks down when you enter this land. Bizarre rocks are scattered all around and it's inhabited by strangely mutated species of animals. This is Zona del Silencio, as locals named it, or the Zone of Silence. The fact it's located between parallels 26 and 28, the same as the notorious Bermuda Triangle mustn't be a mere coincidence.

Scientists state the territory has seen an unusually great number of falling meteorites. This could be because of increased magnetism levels observed in the area. The first officially recorded report about unusual phenomena occurring within the Silent Zone was made by a pilot back in the 1930s when he noticed his radio had suddenly stopped working. Later on, similar occurrences became a common thing. If you are not afraid of getting lost in one of the weirdest locations found on Earth, welcome to the desert—preferably during the dry season that lasts roughly between November and May.

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