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Noche de Rábanos or Night of the Radishes 2023

Imagine nativity scenes composed of carved radish, corn husks, and dried flowers!

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When the vendors of the Christmas market in Oaxaca city's Zócalo or main square decided to attract more buyers to their stalls, some came up with the idea to use radishes. The vegetables were carefully carved and composed into amusing figures, and scenes related to Christmas.

The experiment appeared to be really effective, and soon the mayor of Oaxaca City launched official showcases of this craft back in 1897. Since then the custom has grown into a large contest between the skilled craftsmen, and in addition to radishes, contestants use corn husks and dried flowers. Three winners are chosen from each category and awarded with cash prizes. The exhibition is held annually on December 23, previously known mostly as the Vigil of Christmas, and nowadays named "Radish Night."

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