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Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake 2021

This race for cheese is a lot of fun for daredevils


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Racing for cheese may be considered nonsense, but the English call it "tradition." The Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake has been held for around 200 years in May. This fun takes place in Gloucestershire on the Cooper Hill. It is worth noting that the hillside is steep and uneven but that doesn't stop those who wish to participate in competitions, and thousands of people gather to check out this fun action.

The cheesy "chase" takes off after the judge gives a start and throws a wheel of cheese weighing 3 kg from the slope. Then begins a crazy pursuit for the desired head of the Gloster cheese. Participants run, roll, collide with each other, fall, and so on until the finish. Catching the cheese is a challenge because it speeds up on the mountainside to 100 km/h. So the victory goes to the first one who reaches or rolls to the finish. The winner receives the head of the "Double Gloucestershire Cheese."

Men, women, and children compete separately. There is a special book where every year the names of the winners are inscribed. Each year there are a few such lucky people. Anyone with a courage can partake.

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