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Wife Carrying World Championships 2019

Want to test your relationship? Couples from all over the world come to take part in this bizarre competition

Wife Carrying World Championships in Finland 2019 - Best Time
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Every year a small town of Sonkajaervi in Finland hosts the International Wife Carrying Championships. During this competition, husbands have to carry their wives along the track with various obstacles.

Opening ceremony 2019
Opening ceremony

The track is 250 m long and features several obstacles on land and a 1-m deep water pool.

Wife Carrying World Championships in Finland - Best Season 2019

According to the rules, the participants can carry their wives or the neighbours. The wife should be at least 17 years old and weight minimum 49 kilos. If the wife is lighter, she should carry an additional rucksack. There are different types of carrying: piggyback, over the shoulder, or Estonian-style when a wife hangs upside-down with the legs around her husband's shoulders and holds his waist.

Best time for Wife Carrying World Championships in Finland 2019

The only equipment is a helmet and a belt. Two couples start simultaneously and run as fast as they can. The winning couple is the one that completes the course in the shortest time. In addition to the main prize, the most entertaining couple, the strongest carrier, and the best costumes are awarded as well.

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