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Air Guitar World Championships 2024 in Finland

One of the most unique and extravagant festivals to attend

Dates: August 21-23, 2024

Air Guitar World Championships
Air Guitar World Championships
Air Guitar World Championships
Air Guitar World Championships
Air Guitar World Championships
Air Guitar World Championships

What matters isn't what instrument you play but how you do it. The Air Guitar World Championships is held every August in Oulu on Rotuaari Square. Air guitarists from all over the world come to Finland to compete in their guitar shredding skills. Creative musicians take the competition very seriously and prepare in their own ways. You'll have a chance to witness their amazing costumes and imaginary guitars as these masters perform in front of thousands of spectators.

Festival Program

The three-day festival is comprised of three stages: Airientation, Dark Horse Qualifying Round, and the World Final. Airientation offers a brief introduction into the festival culture, with fun activities and tours, while Dark Horse Qualifiers consists of some of the most intense performances before the final. World Final is the culmination of the competition, where the spectators witness the birth of a new Air Guitar World Champion.

Airientation (August 21, 2024)

The first event Airientation is aptly named to mark the beginning of the event. It takes place at noon on the first day of the Championships, August 21st, and features a city tour around Oulu and a World Music School in the Lipporanta district. The World Music School will host the opening ceremony of the festival, including plenty of entertainment for all visitors.

Dark Horse Qualifications (August 22, 2024)

The second day promises to be even more exciting with The Dark Horses Qualifications, the last preliminary round before the final, where the contestants showcase their best air riffling skills. This event is held at the 45 Special Club at 6 pm.

World Final (August 23, 2024)

During the final, you'll have an opportunity to witness the intense stand-off between the last air guitar champion and the contestants who won national or Dark Horse competitions. The final performances are always full of emotions, which makes it an amazing experience to be there and see everything with your own eyes. The award is worth the fight—the winner will receive the Flying Finn guitar, created by Matti Nevalainen, a renowned guitar designer.

The final takes place at the Rotuaari Square in the Pokkinen district of the city. The expansive area makes for a great stage for air guitar performances. The World Final is scheduled to begin at 8 pm and will last about two hours. Admission to the event is free.

Participating Countries

The Air Guitar World Championships has an international network, spanning several continents and welcoming people from all over the globe. The countries include USA, Germany, Belgium, Australia, Canada, France, Japan, and Ireland. If you'd like to participate in the competition, you can sign up to the qualifying national competition near you. If not, you still have a chance to participate by taking a shot in the Dark Horse's Qualifying Round on August 22nd.

History of Air Guitar World Championship

Although the competition seems like something extremely new, it has been held since 1996. What was once a part of the Music Video Festival quickly grew to a massive scale, drawing in hundreds of spectators. The main motivation behind this event is the promotion of global peace through air guitar.

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