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World Poutine Eating Championship 2019

Over three kilos of steaming poutine are eaten in minutes for a prize of $5,000

Dates: October 19, 2019 (on hold)

World Poutine Eating Championship
World Poutine Eating Championship
World Poutine Eating Championship

Your challenge is three kilos of hot Canadian poutine made of french fries, cheese curds, and gravy—all to be consumed within a few minutes. Don't even think of using a fork or drinking, for you won't have time to chew, just swallow, swallow, swallow, and quickly! There's no use in wearing gloves as well, for you will be covered with food up to your elbows. The only thing that matters is your wide open mouth and a passion for poutine.

Seems like those who dare to partake in the championship must be a bit crazy, and perhaps even cruel to their stomachs. Yet the prize of $5,000 is worth the sacrifice. Actually, the Toronto poutine eating championship is the world's largest competition of that kind. It's held annually at Dundas Square in the beginning of October.

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