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Lviv Coffee, Books & Vintage Festival 2021

Enjoy your favorite drink at this one-of-a-kind coffee & vintage event


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Lviv is widely known for its amazing coffee festivals, typically held in the city's center, but as a Lviv-based company, we want to draw your attention to the most innovative, youth-oriented, and authentic brown-bean event. So check out this locals' guide on the finest coffee festival in Lviv and possibly all of Ukraine.


Lviv Coffee, Books & Vintage Festival is held at !FESTrepublic—a huge party and celebration hub in Lviv. The place is the alternative leisure spot to Lviv residents and "a city inside of a city," as they call it.

Formerly a factory, !FESTrepublic now offers all conditions for hosting high-quality events of all sorts, including coffee. The place is only a 20-minute walk from Rynok Square, meaning you won't have to spend hours to get there. Plus, !FESTrepublic is located not too far away from the highest elevation in Lviv, so expect to see some great views there as well.

What's in

It's pretty obvious that the Coffee, Books & Vintage Festival has a lot to do with coffee. But is that all? Definitely not.


Indeed, regular coffee lovers and experienced professionals will be able to choose from a variety of activities: sample tastings, masterclasses, championships, brewing sessions, presentations, you name it. All these things are an integral part of the event's program, making coffee the ultimate headliner of the fest. But there's more to the event than just the drink tasting. After all, the festival's name says "Coffee, Books & Vintage," not just "Coffee," right?


Coffee, Books & Vintage Festival is more than just a celebration of coffee culture—it's a lifestyle event. Let us explain. At the fest, you'll witness numerous book, stationery, and accessory shops. The event immerses you into a relaxing environment where you can sit down in a comfy chair, drink fragrant coffee, and read your favorite book. There's also a giant book monument in the center of the hub—which you can't help but notice.


Finally, here comes the third pillar of the festival—vintage. The organizers have invited numerous experts, holding vintage fashion lectures and educating visitors on relevant topics. The vintage area also hosts a small indoor flea market with antique tableware, jewelry, furniture, and other cool things. In addition, this territory is home to a unique vintage-inspired photo zone for you to take some memorable pics.


Tickets to the festival are super cheap. A pass with a cup will cost you 175₴ (almost 6 USD), and without a cup, it's only $2,50. To purchase the tickets, follow the link in the external resources below.


All zones of the festival are pet-friendly. Lviv residents adore animals, so feel free to bring your little furry friends. In addition, keep in mind that Lviv is very busy this time of year, so make sure you book your accommodation in advance. That's it. Have fun and enjoy your time at this coffee, books, and vintage festival!

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