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Dagupan City Bangus Festival 2021

A vibrant celebration of the national fish of Philippines


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Disclaimer: Due to COVID-19 concerns, many events might be canceled, postponed, or changed into limited versions, sometimes at very short notice. Please check with event organizers directly for the latest updates.

The Bangus Festival is a ten-day celebration taking place in Dagupan City every April. The festivities include an array of sports competitions, fairs, and street parties. And of course, the festival is full of culinary demonstrations, tastings, and contests. See for yourself how a group of chefs demonstrate about 101 different ways to cook bangus. Dagupan is known for its milkfish aquaculture industry and delicious bangus delicacies. Every year, the festival attracts thousands of tourists who come to indulge in Bangusine (bangus cuisine).

The major highlight of the Dagupan City Bangus Festival is grilling thousands of bangus during an elaborate street party. The festival is considered to be one of the best celebrations in the Philippines. Don't miss that show! A few years ago about 10,000 fish were cooked on 1000 grills placed along Fernandez Avenue setting a world record.

The Bangus festival features many street performances that keep visitors entertained between snacking on delicious fish. Numerous dance bands demonstrate their skills and dance with the public so they can experience the local culture. The dancers often wear traditional colourful costumes.

Dagupan is a beautiful city located on the shore of Lingayen Gulf in the province of Pangasinan of Luzon. The city is one of the top producers of milkfish in the country and can be considered the bangus capital of the world.

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