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The 9th Avenue International Food Festival 2023

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The 9th Avenue Food Festival is one of New York's largest and oldest traditions, and it's a vibrant celebration of cultural diversity through food. The fair offers both traditional festival treats like zeppolis, mozzarepas, funnel cakes, egg creams, and more fabulous food you won't see at any other festival. Here you'll also find Argentinian, Brazilian, Cajun, Cuban, Dominican, Ethiopian, Greek, Haitian, Irish, Moroccan, Ukrainian, and many other kinds of cuisine. But not only the food at the festival is international. There are also two stages with ethnic music and performances like German folk dancing, Arabian scarf dancing, Celtic dancing, Peabody, Egyptian belly dancing, etc. The Ninth Avenue Food Festival is held to raise funds for community groups and perfectly illustrates the diversity of New York itself.

The Festival usually takes place on the first weekend after the Mother's Day.

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