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Pierogi Festival 2024

You’ll never know what Krakow really tastes like until you try some true Polish cuisine. The best time to do this is the National Pierogi Festival

Dates: mid August, 2024

Pierogi Festival
Pierogi Festival

Pierogi, a beloved dish in Central and Eastern Europe, shines particularly bright in Poland. The Pierogi Festival offers a unique opportunity to sample a wide array of variations of this appetizing delicacy. While "pierogi" translates locally to dumplings, the true allure lies within the delectable fillings concealed inside.


Pierogis, crafted from dough, come in various sizes and shapes. Whether savory or sweet, they boast versatile fillings, ranging from traditional to inventive. These delectable circular, rectangular, or triangular parcels can delight with stuffings like potato, cheese, mushrooms, spinach, meat, cabbage, vegetables, cottage cheese, fruits, and berries. From seasonal options featuring fresh blueberries, broad beans, or chanterelles to more adventurous combinations like beets or sweet chocolate variations, pierogis offer a delightful surprise in every bite.

Food Activities

Gourmets will be delighted by exhibitors from dumpling shops and restaurants showcasing their signature dishes in diverse and enticing forms. During the festivals, local restaurants ensure that city guests taste not only traditional dumplings but also dumplings filled with unusual combinations of ingredients. In previous years, the interesting stuffing options included salmon, deer meat, lamb, and smoked cheese. During the culinary workshops, participants will discover the art of kneading dough and filling it with delectable stuffing.


The dumplings compete in two contests—the one judged by a competent jury, with St Jacek's Pierogi statuette as a prize, and the other voted by the festival attendants, marked by the statuette of King Casimir the Great. Besides delicious pierogis, festival-goers will also enjoy a range of concerts by Krakow bands playing various music styles.

Tickets & Location

The festival held in the Maly Rynek (small square) behind Rynek Główny (the Main Square) is among the most cherished events in Krakow. Open to the public; this festival is free for all to enjoy.

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