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Monroe Cheese Days 2024

Monroe Cheese Days or Green County Cheese Days is a three-day entertainment with lots of food and drinks

Dates: September 20–22, 2024

Monroe Cheese Days
Monroe Cheese Days

Green County Cheese Days, Wisconsin Cheese Days, Monroe Cheese Days—people name this cheese festival differently, but its core idea remains the same. Located in the Historic Green County Courthouse, Green County Cheese Days celebrates cheese in all of its forms and is a perfect event for all cheese lovers. Dating back to 1914, it has a long history and continues to entertain cheese connoisseurs even today.

This three-day celebration features a lot of fun and entertainment. In addition to different cheese tents and other food stalls where you may please your stomach, Monroe Cheese Days offers two wonderful parades. The first one is named ​​Cheese Days Children’s Parade, and the second one is the Swiss Colony Cheese Days Parade. Also, the event showcases the National Historic Cheesemaking Center, where you can listen to the history of cheesemaking.

A cheese festival without wine and beer is not a true celebration. That’s why Green County Cheese Days offers Minhas wine and beer tasting to compliment even the most piquant cheese. As for entertainment, the festival features lots of live music to dance your socks off, a carnival, a street dance till midnight, and much more. You can find the detailed schedule on the official website in the External Resources section below. Also, feel free to use the map offering the best accommodation nearby. This event must be a WOW, and you can be a part of it!

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